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Flat Roof Coatings

The Conklin Roofing System is an alternative to roof replacement. It is a hybrid system consisting of polyurethane-modified acrylic and reinforced with fabric. This is a fully permitted roofing system with Florida building product approval.


Conklin Fabric reinforced coating is the most durable and long-lasting coating system on the market. It boasts a 2,175 Tensile strength rating, compared to most competitors’ 350 tensile strength. This means that it is almost 6 times stronger than other coatings on the market. Because of this underlying system of primer, base coat, and fabric, the entire process does not need to be repeated at the end of the warranty period (15-18 years). We simply need to clean the existing coating and add another layer of topcoat, extending the warranty an additional 12-15 years! Reach out to All Phase Construction to learn more.

Is a Coating System Right for You?

If your roof has a slight pitch and no signs of ponding water, it’s a good candidate for this system. It can be applied over an existing modified bitumen, TPO, or PVC roof. 


It is important to chemically clean the roof before applying a special primer. This will ensure excellent adhesion to the roof substrate.


We then take what used to be the weakest part of the roof (the seams) and reinforce them with fabric and a base coat. We apply a full sheet of fabric (36”) and base coat to the entire roof, followed by a topcoat consisting of polyurethane-modified acrylic. This is now a seamless roof that’s stronger than it was before! All penetrations have been reinforced with polyurethane caulking and fabric for strength.

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Let Us Show You Our Roof Coatings

At Allphase Construction of South Florida, we believe in the products that we install. Our partnership with Conklin Roof Systems is a paramount part of our success. Conklin allows us to provide premium products to our customers with peace of mind. We have saved thousands of property owners from purchasing an overpriced replacement roof system. Our roof restoration process can save you up to 50%.


Conklin Roofing Systems is the largest manufacturer of roof coatings by volume in the world today.  Conklin has pioneered the roof coatings system dating all of the way back to 1977.  The coatings are designed for strength and longevity.

  • Engineered for exceptional durability and tensile strength.
  • Leading-edge elastic properties compared to competitors
  • Resists strong wind, hail, solar deterioration & more

Energy Star Rated

Conklin Roofing Systems has worked hand in hand with The Energy Star Alliance to develop LEED building products.  Conklin Roof Coatings are most often chosen as the premier product to offset carbon footprint and reduce operational costs for major facilities.

  • Forms attractive, seam-free, energy-efficient top layer
  • New membrane is white cool roof
  • Reflects up to 85% of the sun’s heat
  • Gives as much as 30% yearly A/C cost savings
  • ENERGY STAR® & LEED Green Building certified

A Better Way To Roof

Conklin Roof Coatings can relieve the burden of traditional roof replacement.  Take into consideration the process of traditional roof replacement and you will rest easy knowing the benefits of a roof restoration with our roof coatings.

  • Avoid liability involved with roof tear-off
  • No need for tear-off to get project up to code
  • They don’t count as another layer in most building codes
  • No negative effect on building’s structure

You don’t have to settle for the costly, time-straining burdens of old roof tear-off and new metal roof installation! Our Conklin® roof coatings will rejuvenate your metal roof’s appearance and turn it into a cool, durable, rust-resistant, energy-efficient solution!

Save Up To 50% Over Traditional Roof Replacement

What Kind Of Warranty Is There On Roof Coatings?

Our typical warranties are leak-free warranties that range from 10-18 years. The warranties are renewable by simply applying a maintenance coat within the warranty period. If properly maintained the building should never require a new roof.

Will My Business Be Disrupted During The Process?

Most of our roofing systems require little or no tear-off, therefore the disruption of your daily business is very minimal or nonexistent. You can carry on with your daily business during our install.

Will I Notice A Difference In My Utilities Cost?

Every one of our Conklin roofing systems is white making them highly energy-efficient and UV reflective. Most of our clients see tremendous savings in their cooling costs through the warm months. Some of our roofing systems provide additional savings through the cooler months from added R-Value.

How Well Will My New Conklin Roofing System Withstand Against Hail?

Many of our roofing systems carry a class 4 impact rating which means they can withstand the impact of large hail.

What Makes The Conklin Roofing Systems Last So Long?

The Quality of our products used is just the beginning of it another key in the long life expectancy of our roofing systems is the keyword “systems”. All our roof systems are designed to have added protection in the most critical areas of your roof making them withstand against the harsh elements of weather.

Roof Coatings
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