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How old is your roof?

When is your warranty up? Who is your preferred Roofer? When will you need to replace? Is your building up to current codes? Can you improve energy efficiency? Is restoration an option vs replacement? When will you be replacing mechanical equipment?

Why get a Pre-Hurricane Roof Inspection?

  • Understand the current condition of your roof
  • Know if there are deficiencies in your roofing system
  • Document the status of your roof Pre-Hurricane to use for an insurance claim

Did You know the main reason's Insurance companies deny claims are:

  • Lack of maintenance
  • Age or deteriorated materials
  • In the event of a hurricane help speed up the claims process by having before photo’s.  The burden is on the owner to prove storm related damages.

Have you considered a maintenance plan for your Roof?

  • Extend the life of your Roof
  • Catch costly repairs before they get worse
  • Most manufacturer warranty’s require maintenance to maintain the warranty
  • Help budget for future expenses or improvements

How can a maintenance plan actually save money?

  • 3rd Party Documented maintenance plans can potentially lower insurance premium’s
  • Maintenance is a tax deduction up to $4 per sq ft
  • Catch little problems before they become very expensive
  • Extend the life of the roof and mechanical equipment.

Let us customize a Maintenance plan for your roof today and start saving now!

Check out the Roofing Solutions Manual for more information to maintaining your roof!

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