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Exposed ceilings can have challenges when getting a new roof

Exposed ceilings can have challenges when getting a new roof

Exposed ceilings can have challenges when getting a new roof

Replacing a roof above exposed ceilings can have significant consequences and downsides if not addressed properly. Unfortunately, many learn this the hard way after it is too late, and the damage is done. Make it a point to show your contractor to inspect the interior of a home for exposed ceilings prior to the installation of a new roof. As the homeowner, it would be a good idea to let your contractor know up front you have exposed ceilings, and this must be addressed.

The standard length of roofing nails is 1 ¼” for most underlayment’s and could be longer depending on what system is being installed above. The nails can protrude through the underside of the exposed ceiling leaving an undesired sight, causing hundreds of nail holes, splintered wood and an unhappy consumer. There are available roofing options to prevent this from happening. It is acceptable by code to use a ¾” nail to mechanically attach your base sheet to the sheathing whether it is 19/32 plywood or tongue and groove. There are also self-adhered base sheets to the sheathing that will prevent any penetrations. A good experienced roofing contractor should point this out to you, but if they do not then it is important you point it out to them so it can be addressed properly.


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