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How much does a new tile roof cost?

Allot of homeowners are frustrated with the lack of information that can sometimes confuse you on a project you may only do once in your lifetime. This information may shed some light on new tile roof replacement.

Tile roofs are beautiful and functional. They are designed to not let ultraviolet light degrade your new roof and allows many different types of tile to be installed to increase the curb appeal of your home.

Underlayment’s-Your Real Roof
Tile roofs consist of an underlayment. Most of the time in the past 30# tar paper was nailed to the deck and then a thicker and stronger layer of asphalt imbedded cap sheet material was hot mopped applied over the top of the 30# roofing paper. This method is still being used today but is the most budget friendly underlayment that can be installed.

Modified Underlayment’s- This is an upgrade to the original asphalt underlayment and includes plasticizers and rubberized components in the mix that extends the life of an asphalt-based underlayment. These can be a good option but on an extremely hot side of a building the tiles can slide down the softer material that is not reinforced. The tiles will still be adhered, but the underlayment has no structural support on the thicker layers to handle the extra weight of the tile in some extreme conditions.

Modified Self Adhering Underlayment’s- These are a great option as the quality control of these products give great consistency. There are several options available, most have a scrim on top of the material that is embedded to allow the new tile adhesion process to work the best. The adhesion or glue on the back of these products can vary from manufacturers so quality should not be compromised on this step.

The cost of the underlayment’s can vary as the quality and warranties available. You can have a material only warranty which means that they will only replace the material. You have to find a contractor to tear it off and replace it. Which can run thousands if the material fails.

The Tiles-The beautiful part of your new roof.
There are so many choices in roof tiles today. Price is a major consideration.

Concrete tiles that are color thru or slurry coated are one option. Color thru tile maintains the same color of your tile throughout the entire tile, Slurry color is only a color coating. This means if you chip a tile for any reason you will see white concrete under the color. Many different profiles are offered today from several manufacturers. Manufacturers have showrooms or design consultants that will help you in your final selection is requested.

Clay tiles are a lighter option and can add beauty if you are looking for a certain style on your home. Clay can come in variations and types of manufacturers. Clay tiles can range from 2.90 a sq foot to over 11 dollars a sq foot depending on the manufacturer.

Tile Installation
The tile was nailed at that time and can still be nailed in place today. Better options are available for tile installation that will eliminate almost all of the nail holes with tile installation. In South Florida an adhesive foam that will withstand high winds is the most acceptable way to install tile.

The configuration of your roof is very important as well. If you have a roof with a lot of valleys and peaks, If you have a high pitched roof, Limited access. If you have many penetrations like vents, gas exhausts, Chimneys, solar panels, solar fans or plumbing stacks. If you have skylights, or a rear flat roof. All transitions and components can add to the cost of your new roof

Does the contractor your dealing with have the proper insurance and can you verify that?
Does the contractor have the proper licenses?

Project Planning

Before your project is even started a lot has to go into the planning of your project, Permitting, material ordering, scheduling around the threat of any potential weather can be some of the things the contractor is preparing for. In south Florida there are 5 inspections on a roof, some parts of the country don’t even have an inspection, or maybe just one at final. It would be safe to say that a Tile roof in Michigan would not be the same cost as a Tile roof in South Florida

The Beginning of Your Project

The day has come that your project will start, how is your contractor going to protect your home? Will he cover your driveway? Will he use a dumpster or dump trucks? Will he have a pre-construction meeting to discuss any possible issues and to protect that planting or item that you cherish? Most people do not know what to expect. Will it be noisy or messy? Will they clean up when they are done? Will there be someone on site to answer any questions or concerns you may have?

Taking the Old Roof Off

The crew is now on your roof, A good roofer will look and see if your gutters are going through the drip edge, if so he would recommend taking the old ones off and installing new ones after the roof is installed. Fascia Board or the wood behind the gutters sometimes is deteriorated from the age of the roof or leaking behind the gutters. This wood cannot be replaced with the gutters on, in our opinion it is always good to remove the gutters to make sure all the wood is good before installing a new roof. It is ten times harder and more expensive to replace fascia after the new roof is installed. Removing the tiles and all underlayment’s down to the original wood deck and inspecting all the wood is the next step. Does your roofer recycle the roof tile? This is a good practice among the best roofers to eliminate as much waste in landfills.
Any and all bad or rotted wood decking needs to be replaced for a new roof to be installed. This can run anywhere from $10.00 to $18.50 a square foot depending on the pitch, access and damage plus any rotted wood trusses could need repaired. That is why in Florida it is always good to hire a general contractor-Roofing contractor so all these repairs can be done.

Roofing straps for insurance:
This would be a great time to re-strap your house for better protection and saving money on your homeowner’s insurance. Re-strapping of the truss to wall connections can sometimes save significant money on your insurance policy. The reason this is a good time to do this is because we can take off plywood around the trusses and re-strap from above saving time and money. This could add an extra expense that could possibly be recovered with lower insurance. Each home is different on pricing.

Re-nailing the deck to current hurricane codes with the corrects nails is something else that is done at this step. Smooth nails are no longer allowed in Florida for roofing. All decks need to be nailed with Ring-Shank nails to prevent uplift. These need to be nailed at 6” on center in the field part of the roof and 4” on center on the edges of the roof.

Roof Components all need to be replaced, every plumbing stack, every vent and every penetration of your roof should be new. Skylights need to be Miami Dade approved in South Florida. These items can be costly depending on their function. Sometimes roofing contractors will not use the correct height on the vents installed and the vent exhaust sits right in the new tile roof. A good contractor will take in to account your new roof tile height and order the correct vents for your project.

Flashings- The part you don’t see
Vertical wall flashings and transitional flashings should be replaced or inspected for deterioration. These are generally metal and sometimes can be behind stucco. If this is the case and they need to be replaced, you could be looking upwards of $25.00 a foot. The correct way to replace flashings behind stucco is to cut the stucco out and replace the flashings, then re-stucco those areas.

Tile roofs are the second coolest roofs in South Florida. Solar Venting, Ridge Vents and Gable vents can be options. There is a price variation on the types of venting options. Ridge vents can start at $25.00 a foot to solar vents that can run anywhere from $450.00 for something has lower venting capability to $3000.00 for a high-end high efficiency solar roof vent

How much is a new tile roof?
It depends on your home, your roof configuration, what tile you choose, your roof components, access to your property, roof pitch and several other factors. A good website to get some idea of what you are looking at is below.

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