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Roles & Responsibilities of a Roofing Contractor & Why it Matters to You

Roles & Responsibilities of a Roofing Contractor & Why it Matters to You

Roles & Responsibilities of a Roofing Contractor & Why it Matters to You

Whether you need a residential or commercial roof replacement, it is important to understand the responsibilities of your roofing contractor. The basic task of a roofer is to inspect, repair, and replace your roof, including all parts of the roofing system. A contractor who doesn’t fully understand all the aspects of roof replacement can jeopardize the lifespan of your roof and accelerate the need for repairs to be done soon after the installation. Here is a breakdown of responsibilities all professional roofing contractors consider vital to ensure a proper roof replacement.

Responsibilities of a Professional Roofing Contractor

A complete Inspection – A certified contractor will thoroughly inspect all roofing components. This inspection includes decking, flashing, gutters, and all related parts of the system. It may also include checking your insulation and ventilation. Commercial roofs may have A/C Units and other equipment mounted on the roof. These are common sources of leaks and need to be inspected carefully.

Accurate Estimate

Providing an estimate before beginning work is standard procedure for a roof replacement. There is always a possibility of necessary costs due to unforeseen repairs. Still, professional contractors can review the inspection and accurately assess the work needed to ensure your roof is installed properly.

Understanding local building codes

All municipalities have requirements for construction. These are put in place to ensure the safety of the residents of the home and the installers doing the job. A commercial building may have more requirements than a residential home. A professional roofer is responsible for informing you of the local codes for the area where the construction is being done.

Maintain a reasonable time frame

A time estimate for completion is essential for commercial and residential roofing projects. A business may lose money by delaying production for an extended period, and homeowners may have certain events on the calendar which necessitate the roof be completed promptly. A roofing contractor with experience in various types of roof replacement understands the time needed for the installation and can provide an accurate estimate for completion.

Proper Installation

Professional roofers are responsible for ensuring your new roof has no gaps or areas not sealed correctly, which could cause leaks. Obviously, water entering your home or business could cause damage to furnishings or equipment. Repairs or replacement of items can be costly. It is in the best interest of both the roofer & homeowner that the installation is completed correctly to ensure a cozy, energy-efficient roofing system.

Complete Cleanup

Removing old roofing material is another responsibility of a roofer. Wood scraps, fasteners, flashing, and all removed material must be taken away from the work site. A dumpster is usually brought to the job site and removed after the cleanup by truck. Any landscaping near your home should be protected from damage in a residential roof replacement.

Use of proper materials

A home with a steep-slope roof will need a different type of roofing material than a business with a low-slope roof. A certified roofer can explain the kind of roofing that will work best for your home or building.

Quality Workmanship

Your contractor should have all the necessary tools and equipment to do quality work. All the installers should be trained appropriately in the latest techniques required to work with modern roofing materials. Methods of installing roofs are updated regularly, and roofing materials are improved yearly.

Consider the total roofing system

Today, professional roofing companies understand all the parts of a roof system and how this affects the performance of your roof. A complete inspection will reveal if any aspects of the system are not functioning correctly. Inadequate ventilation or insulation can take years off the lifespan of your roof. These issues need to be addressed before a roof replacement is done. Ignoring these factors can result in significant repairs over time. A professional roofer will inform you in advance of any issues.

Contact a Local Roofing Contractor

These are several of the responsibilities of a professional roofer. The best way to ensure all the aspects of a roof replacement are considered is to use a certified roofing company. A local contractor with experience in your area is the best choice for construction projects.

Please contact All Phase Construction USA to schedule an inspection for your residential or commercial roof replacement. We have proudly served South Florida customers since 2005 and are a leader in the South Florida roofing industry. Our knowledgeable staff will happily answer your questions about all types of roofing. High-Quality workmanship is our goal. Our skilled installers have experience with all types of roofing. We can provide the best solution no matter what type of roof you need.

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