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Trying to Decide What Kind of Roof You Want for Your Home?

Trying to Decide What Kind of Roof You Want for Your Home?

Trying to Decide What Kind of Roof You Want for Your Home?

Here are 3 Key Factors to Consider

When it comes to selecting the materials for your new residential roof, if you are like our Deerfield Beach customers, you are probably thinking about the style and appearance of the roof. That’s definitely an important factor – but it is really just one of several factors you should be considering when it comes choosing the right roof for your South Florida home. 

3 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Your New Roof

These days, homeowners have an abundance of options when it comes to installing new residential roofing – whether in Deerfield Beach, Florida or Dearborn, Michigan. 

How are you going to narrow down your options? We recommend that you consider these three factors:

  1. Materials: The most popular roofing material for residential roofing in Deerfield Beach – and all across the country is the traditional asphalt shingle, which is now available in a variety of colors to match your exterior décor. Other popular options include metal roofs, tile roofs, slate roofs, wood shake roofs and flat roofs. 
  2. Budget: If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, asphalt shingles will probably be your best bet. But there are factors that can impact your budget beyond the initial cost of the materials, including durability. If you are looking for an option that will last a good long time, clay or slate tiles might be the way to go. 
  3. Energy Efficiency: Here in South Florida, residential roofs are bombarded with the burning rays of the sun. Some roofing materials absorb that solar heat, while others are able to reflect some of it. “Conventional roofs can reach temperatures of 150°F or more on a sunny summer afternoon sun. Under the same conditions a reflective roof could stay more than 50°F (28 °C) cooler,” the experts at the U.S. Department of Energy tell us. “This can save energy and money.”


Simply choosing a lighter colored shingle can make a difference in your energy bills! Wood shakes and terracotta clay tiles are also more energy efficient choices. When it comes to metal roofs, the Department of Energy recommends using materials that are coated with a light- or cool-colored paint, or factory surfaced with reflective mineral granules. “Unpainted metals are typically good solar reflectors but poor thermal emitters, and get hotter in the sun than painted metals of comparable solar reflectance,” they say. “They are not the best choice.”

If you have more questions about the best roofing materials for a residential roof in Deerfield Beach, FL, we would be happy to help. Please contact us for more information. 

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